Pinnacles Telephone Co.

Telephone Service
PinTel provides Plain Old Telephone Service (POTS) to residents and businesses located within our service area.

Specifically, our Paicines service area is along Highway 25 between Cienega Road and the San Benito Lateral.

In the Paicines area, we also serve customers along the following roads:

Old Airline Highway

Live Oak Rd

Highway 146 and Pinnacles National Monument (east side)

San Benito Lateral

Willow Creek Road

Old Hernandez Road

We also provide telephone service to folks in the New Idria from 3785 to 22105 New Idria Rd.

Unless you want your name and phone number published, or listed, Pinnacles Telephone Co will not disclose this information to anyone except those firms related to our provisioning, billing and operational matters.

Toll Free Area
Toll-free EAS (Extended Area Service) and local calling areas of our exchange include: Pinnacles Monument, Tres Pinos and Idria.  Prefixes of phone numbers in these areas are: 831-389; 831-693; 831-299; 831-628; 831-821; 831-921 and 831-996.  All other calls, except those to 800 numbers, are long-distance calls.

Long Distance

You select your own Long Distance Carrier, and then contact us so that we can add it to your phone service. Pinnacles Telephone Co. does not bill for long distance service; "Your Long Distance phone service provider will bill you directly".

When establishing new Long Distance, or changing providers, the long distance provider may take several days before long distance service commences. When establishing a new phone line there is no charge to add a long distance provider. If you elect to change your long distance provider the “new’ provider will authorize us to change your carrier; this can take several days. After the initial selection there is a $5.00 charge to change carriers.