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High Speed Internet


    We're in the process of upgrading our DSL equipment so we can provide ADSL2 and ADSL2+ with Annex M!  In the past, we've provided ADSL using G.DMT DSL technology.  This technology provides download data rates up to 6Mbps and upload rates up to 650Kbps over most telephone drops.  ADSL2(+) technology will support download data rates up to 12Mbps and upload data rates as high as 1Mbps.  Annex M is an optional protocol that increases the upload data rate to nearly 3Mbps by reducing maximum download speed somewhat.  With experience, we'll learn what the practical upload and download data rates will be when ADSL2, ADSL2+ and Annex M technologies are used.  To take advantage of these upgrades, an ADSL2+ modem (with Annex M capability, if desired) will be required as well as a premium data rate subscription.  If you have a need for more download or upload speed, we'd like to hear from you!

Fixed Wireless:

    In addition to DSL, PinTelCo Internet is also providing wireless internet connectivity in the Paicines area.  For more information on our DSL and Wireless service areas, DSL and Wireless connection speeds and costs, follow the "PinTelCo Pricing Plans" link along the left border of this page.

    We are continually evaluating our network performance and need your help to identify slow connections. Please take the time to measure your connection speed by going to If your download speed is lower than it should be, please let us know.

Upcoming Improvement Plans:
    We've applied for CASF grant for the purpose of improving our internet connectivity!  If approved, these funds will be used to install cabinets near the ends of Willow Creek and Old Hernandez Roads.  Currently, internet connections for residents in these areas are provided from our cabinet on the San Benito Lateral; DSL subscribers' connection speeds are restricted by excessively long drops (cable lengths from the cabinet to subscriber premises).  Once the new cabinets are installed, drop lengths will be significantly shorter and data rates greatly improved!

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